August 30, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Sunday funday? Or lazy day, maybe? Either way, a great day! Sean was kind enough to let me sleep in as a certain girl felt the need to get up earlier than we wanted! We then headed off to church and had lunch at Carlos O'Kelly's. Then naptime for all involved. I think Sean even dosed on and off for a bit. After Sean and Lyla got up, they headed to the pool with Grandma and Abi and Avery. Sean said they had a great time and Miss Lyla was a water bug!

Lyla first thing in the am! She was pretty excited about her bike and helmet. Doesn't everyone ride a bike naked?!?! ;)

She also loves her magnadoodle she got for her birthday!

Sleepy baby!

That evening Miss Lyla got to practice riding her bike again. How cute is she!? :) Mr. Cohen just hung out on the porch, not making a peep! He's such a great baby! I am truly blessed!

Safety first!

Love my girl!

And my boy! :)

Great family day! :) Love spending time with them!

Monday was a picture-less day. I actually took the babes for a walk and about died! I walked for 30 minutes and had to stop twice. I'm SO out of shape. I have a lot of work ahead of me!!! Also our friend Shelly brought us supper and it was delicious! Especially the desert which we ate a lot of!

Tuesday was a lazy day around the house. In the afternoon, Lyla wanted to play with her"cakes" a cupcake set she got for her birthday. She can decorate them and loves to play with them.

Love her long eyelashes!
Love her kisses ;)
When daddy got home, he got to enjoy some cupcakes as well!Her other favorite thing to do is jump all over her daddy!

That evening I took some more 2 year old pics of her in her birthday get up! Isn't she a doll?!?! She actually smiled and made this photo session pretty easy!

Today we met my friend Becca and 3 of her kiddos at the Victoria park for a play date. It was good getting to socialize, both Ly and I.

My awesome stroller. I heart it.
The stroller with both seats on in. It goes from a single to double and has like 16 different seat positions. And it is easy to push!

Lyla is big into cheesn' and take pictures - budding photographer maybe? She was taking my picture with my phone.And little brother! He resembles an old man to me with his wrinkled forehead!

And that wraps up the past few days!

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