August 23, 2011

Meeting big sister!

One of the things I was adamant on was that Miss Lyla would be the 1st one to meet Cohen once we got back to our room. So pretty much the minute we got to our room, Sean went out to get her! I was nervous she wouldn't come to me since I was in a hospital bed and in a strange place but once she saw me she came right up to me. She loved the baby and kept saying "baby" over and over again. He was about 3 hours old here.

Cohen bought her a little baby doll and Lyla loved it!

Daddy and his kiddos!

Mommy and her babies!

I'm so glad we did it this way and I love having the memory of how she acted whenever she came in to meet him! She's such a sweet girl! And she still is acting great with him and adjusting well! She loves him to death, asks about him all the time, and wants to hold him. I think she'll be a great big sister!

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