August 24, 2011

1st day

Today was my first day home by myself. Super sad Sean had to go back to work! We had to go to Hays to get Cohen's bilirubin checked again. My goal was to leave around 9:45 and I actually left around 10:30. I was worn out from getting ready that I took a break, hence leaving later. The kiddos were both good so it was a breeze taking them, minus the fact I'm not 100% yet and it wore me out!

The babes before leaving

Mission completed!Once we got home, my mom and dad showed up for a bit to hang out with their grandbabies and help me clean! :) Thanks mom! The rest of the afternoon went fine and I survived my first day! It definitely helps that I have easy babies! Cohen, so far, is a great baby and pretty calm. Lyla has always been pretty easy, most days! :) And Cohen slept great last night, so I'm feeling a bit refreshed! He slept from 9-1, 1:30-5, and 5:30-8. I can handle that. Now, he's slept most of the day, so I'm hoping it isn't a rough night!

Oh, and Mr. Cohen's bilirubin is down to 16.1 so we are in the clear! No more blood draws for that little boy! I can't believe he'll be 1 week old tomorrow. I'm going to attempt a few pictures, so we'll see how that goes!

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