August 24, 2011

Going home!

On Friday we got to take Cohen home. I was really hoping we'd only have to stay at the hospital for the 24 hours and felt blessed we were able to take home a healthy baby! We had to wait until 1 for them to do a few blood draws and once we found out his bilirubin was ok, we were getting ready to go. When we took Lyla home, we all wore KU shirts. So keeping with that, we all wore it to bring Cohen home! I made both Lyla and Cohen their shirts. Lyla's said Big Jay and Cohen's said Baby Jay! I loved them!

Lyla's first time holding himRight before leaving the hospital

We then had to go to Wal-mart to get my prescription and a few things. So of course I had to document that trip! :)Once we got home, we had to do a few family shots.

Love my kiddos!

First diaper change at home

Love them!Ending the night with some snuggle time!

So blessed! :)
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