August 11, 2011


I thought I'd want to remember this some day... so here are some likes and differences between my pregnancies.

Waaaay sick. I was a puking unit until about 18 weeks and I gagged over everything from about 13 weeks to 18 weeks.
Had horrible food aversions, barely ate much, but did love mashed potatoes.
Had crazy, vivid dreams in the first trimester (hello babies heads floating in water... yes crazy)
Barely had any heartburn.
Craved fruity stuff and swiss cakes rolls.
Heart rate ranged from the 130's to 15o's.
Got a chipmunk face!
Belly grew more from side to side in the hip area.
Felt miserable most of the pregnancy.
Gained 33 lbs.

Baby Jay
Sick and tired until about 13 weeks. Only gagged about everything until 15 weeks.
Was starving during the first trimester and ate everything I could...esp mashed potatoes.
Have had horrible heartburn and indigestion.
Craved steak and fruit.
Did not get a chipmunk face this time! :)
Heart rate ranged from 140's - 130's
Belly grew mostly straight out.
Gained 51+ lbs
Horrible hip and pubic bone pain.
Much happier this pregnancy.

I'm sure there are more, but these are just a few comparisons!

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