August 23, 2011

Catch up

Saturday evening Granna and Pops came up to see their grandbabies! Mom brought lasagna up and we all ate supper together! So nice not to cook! ;)

Lyla has been a GREAT big sister. She has transitioned so well! She loves to help and if I mention doing anything with the baby, she's one step behind you saying, "I too". Every morning she asks for the baby and likes to check up on him during the day. Whenever we change his diaper, she likes to pull her stool up and "help".

Kisses are often given as well! I cherish seeing them interact together!

She's also been a stinker here and there. Her new thing is to crawl up on the entertainment center and lay! She's pretty proud of herself!

Sunday was a good day! Shelly and her son Dalton came over to meet Cohen.

Lyla got to play and was actually a good sport at sharing her stuff... for a little bit! ;)
Cohen had his first bath at home Sunday afternoon. He really didn't cry so maybe we'll have another water baby on our hands!

I love a baby all fresh and smelling good from a bath!
In the afternoon, we headed to an ice cream social at Sean's mom's church. Sean's a lover of homemade ice cream! Cohen also got to meet his Nana and Aunt Ruth as well! He was a great traveler and slept all the way there and back!

That evening, our friends Alicia and Clay came over to meet Cohen and brought dinner for us! Thank you guys!

Their daughter is 9 days older than Lyla! Ly and her played with a cupcake gift Tayla got her. It was cute seeing them play at Ly's table together.

Monday Aunt Nee and the girls came over to visit. The girls all dressed up in tutu's and put a show on for us!

They were also practicing to be future KU cheerleaders!

Abs and Cohen

Today we've all done a little of this! Cohen slept great last night with 2 4 hr stretches! We had to take him in for lab again. His number today was 18 so it went down .1. We have to check again tomorrow and hopefully it will be our last time! Miss Ly spent time outside with daddy playing in the sprinkler and her little pool today!

Sean goes back to work tomorrow and I'll miss having him around. I haven't felt good today, actually felt the worst so far. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon!

My hope is to be a better day to day blogger, especially now that Cohen is here. I've lacked big time with pictures these past few months so hopefully that'll change. But I print out my blog and so I want to have all our day to day stuff, boring or not, documented! Hence the reason there were 3 posts today!
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