August 14, 2011

A busy weekend...

And I didn't even take 1 picture to document! Oops!

Friday night, we all headed down to Herzogfest. It's a little town tradition and it has SO much great food! :) Since it's a German town, I got to have one of my favs. Dumplings and potatoes...twice! ;) Plus there are sno-cones (love), gator tators, BBQ, etc. I ate ALOT of food. I figure, I'm still pregnant so I might as well enjoy it! Right!? :) We have yet to miss a Herzogfest and don't plan on it anytime soon! It's so fun to go down there and socialize with every one and of course eat the food. And when I'm not pregnant or nursing, it's great to hit the beer garden a time or two, or three.

Saturday, I was completely lazy. We just hung around the house and Sean did a little painting in the house. We hit up Herzog for lunch and dinner! ;) Then that evening, Miss Lyla had a birthday party to attend for her friend Tayla! We had a good time going and catching up with everyone! I love our friends! Then, at 9:30 at night we hit up Wal-mart for groceries and one of Miss Lyla's birthday presents.

And today, I'm exhausted! Sean and Lyla just headed off to church and I'm playing hookie. I was still sleeping on and off as they were getting ready and really had no motivation to get off the couch. Luckily, Miss Lyla finally decided to sleep in til 8:30! Heck ya! Sean and Ly will be hitting up this pool after nap time and that's about it for us today. Sean's hoping I'm going to have this baby today or tonight so he can start his time off! ;) Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. But luckily, it can't/won't be much longer than a week! ;)

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