August 18, 2011

Lyla's birthday!

We had a great day for Lyla's 2nd birthday. I still can't believe that we have a 2 year old! Crazy, huh!
Sean got off work early and after Lyla's nap we headed to Sternberg museum for her birthday! Not really my cup of tea, especially after seeing a huge alligator turtle first thing. Lyla loved it though and was so excited and kept oohing and aaahing over things.

Here is Lyla's new car seat cover... adorbs!

Doing some projects with daddy!

Digging for fossils!

We went into the discovery room and little did I know there were snakes and more turtles and frogs. I most likely will not be making my way into there again.
After that, we headed to DQ for some birthday ice cream!

Once home, we had her favorite meal, Spaghetti! She loves it! And she's always a mess when we are done!

Then it was time for cake! Yum! She was scared of the candles and wouldn't blow them out! But while we were singing Happy Birthday to her, she was singing along, singing "to you", over and over again!

Next up... first home haircut! I was told if I trimmed her ends that her hair would grow back thicker, so that is what we did. It was looking scraggly anyways. I took off about a 1/2 inch and it seems so much shorter to me! She did really well though. The phone is a great distraction tool! This is her before!

After! Can't tell much in the picture!

And we finished off the evening with presents, of course! She got a shape sorter, DVD's and a sprinkler. She'll be getting her big present at her party!

On and off today, I would ask her if it was her birthday and I got yes and no answers. She would tell me that she is 2...but considering she will only say 2 and 5, I think she got lucky!

Happy Birthday, Lyla!

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