August 18, 2011

Lyla { 2 years}

Happy 2nd Birthday, Miss Lyla!

I truly can not believe it has been 2 years since I gave birth to you! You have brought so much into your dad and I's lives and we continually fall in love with you, even more, every single day. You bring us laughter and smiles and nothing by joy. Most days :).

- You are around 24-25 lbs I would guess.
- You still can wear 12 month clothes, which is what a good portion of your summer clothes are. You also fit into 18 months pretty good but 24 months are still pretty big on you.
- Still in a size 3 diaper.
-You wear size 4 shoes.

-You sleep from about 9-7:30 or 8 with 1 nap in the afternoon for about 2 hours.
-You are an awesome eater and rarely are picky. You love "bars" {fruit bars}, spaghetti, cheese, bread, all fruits, tomatoes and bananas.
- Your vocabulary grows more and more every day. You are talking a lot in 2 or 3 word phrases. Reesie is probably the number 1 word that comes out of your mouth. Whenever we ask if you have done something, you normally blame it on someone else. It always goes in the same line: Mommy, Daddy, Reesie, Poppa, Abi.
-I really can't even guess how many words you can say, but you know a good plenty.
- You can match most animals with their sounds and make faces for some of them.
-You can match your colors, but still won't say them.

Things you love to do:
Open and shut doors ( you got your dad's OCDness coming out in you.}
Suck your thumb
Play beep beep {drive a car}
Play with Reese
Pretend to go night night
Read books
Watch puppy {Clifford} or Me {Mickey Mouse} on TV.
Take off your shoes
Get dressed with random pieces of clothing
Draw on your magnadoodle or anything you shouldn't.
Playing in water - whether it is the pool or the dogs water bowl.
Pointing and asking, "This?"
Clean up!
Play with balls.
Sing - Your favorite song is the wheels on the bus.

- You LOVE to be outside and have recently started playing soccer with daddy and love it! (Yay!)
- You are not a girlie girl and love the play in the dirt or rocks or pretend and mow the grass like daddy.
- You went through a phase about 2 weeks ago where you did not want to go to bed and screamed HORRIBLY, but luckily that phase is over and you go to bed in your toddler bed like a big girl again.
-If we say we are going to go do something, you almost always say, "I too".

-You can be extremely shy when around other people.
-You are not a big fan of a lot of kids being around you. You are a very independent girl. I told your daddy the other day that we needed to get you to be more social or else you'd end up being the dog lady because that's what you would rather do instead of playing with other kiddos right now.
- You do not like to share and "Mine" is a word we hear a lot.

-You know your name and will sometimes tell other people it if you aren't being shy.
-You still will not learn any other numbers except 2. If we are lucky, you will say the number five. And every time we ask you what color something is, you say blue.

You've changed so much in the last year and have learned so much! You amaze us everyday and we are so grateful for you!!! You have definitely blessed our little family! We love you Miss Lyla!

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