August 3, 2011

Emotions & Prayers

My head and heart are full of emotions today. Maybe part of it has to do with the rainy day today (but thank you for the cooler weather!).

My sweet Max has been on my mind a lot lately, especially with our own sweet boy arriving any day...(please come soon, son!). To be honest, he's (Max) on my mind a lot and most evenings I find myself falling asleep thinking about him. I'm hoping he's with us when Baby Jay is born as I can't help to be nervous or think something could go wrong during the delivery. There are always what-ifs and while I believe everything will be fine, those what-ifs are always a thought (especially being a nurse).

Also, this morning I learned of another little boy name Max who went without O2 and is now intubated. Sean's cousin, Sonya, sent this to me this morning:

i learned last night that my NC roomie's 2-yo nephew choked on a pretzel & was without O2 for 7-8 mins.... he's now in critical condition at the hospital & on breathing tubes. he's not sedated nor is he trying to pull on cords or anything. his MRI indicated no brain activity... my heart is breaking for holly & her family, just as it was for you & yours not long ago. perhaps the saddest part of all this though is that joe & kelly were married & trying to have a baby for 10 years (10 YEARS) before they finally successfully conceived via invitro after 4-5 failed attempts... now, perhaps the most ironic thing about all this is that holly's nephew's name is max; therefore, i couldn't help but think of you, kevin, kelci, & the rest of your families... i just felt like i needed to share. i've been praying for joe & kelly to have the strength that kevin & kelci had when they were enduring the most difficult & trying time of their lives... kevin & kelci, as you know, are truly remarkable & absolutely inspiring to so many people on countless levels.

So my heart aches for this family as they are enduring the absolute toughest thing I'm sure they have ever faced. I do not know them personally, but I'm asking for prayers for this family and little boy! I know my family and Kelci's family all appreciated the prayers (and still do) so I'm sure this family would be the same way.

There's much more on my mind, but I'm leaving it at that. Oh, rainy days!
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