June 4, 2011


While Sean and I were in Wichita with Max, we met up with Sean's cousin one night for Olive Garden (the baby HAD to have it) and we stopped by the mall for a bit. While we were there Sean came across the build the bear and thought Miss Lyla had to have one!

So meet Finley. One of lyla's favorite words is bow so we got little bows to put on her ears but Lyla keeps pulling them off and so we put them on her arms!

Lyla has always been a great sleeper. But about 3 weeks after we changed her to a toddler bed, she had been getting up earlier and earlier. As in like 6:30. Um, no thanks. I like what little sleep I get. So we talked about getting black out curtains but didn't want to spend the money if it didn't work. So we ghetto rigged it up. Snuggies are the new black out curtains. Slide the curtain rod through the arm holes and viola... black out curtains. And the best part... it worked! The first night she slept until 8:30, the next 8:45 and then a few times we actually had to wake her up so we could go somewhere. I'm loving this. Sometimes she'll get up around 7:45 but I'll take that over 6:45. So now to get the curtains instead of the ghetto snuggies!

Little brother also got a few things. He now has a car seat to go home in. I forgot how heavy those suckers are!

And I'm in the process of washing his newborn and 3 month clothes. Until we figure out if we are moving or staying a little longer, the clothes are hanging out here. He's going to be one stylish boy!
We still have a lot to do or so it seems to get ready for him! Must.find.motivation!
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