June 9, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

On Sunday (also Sean's birthday) we had a fish fry at Sean's parents house. Everyone was able to get together and it was nice to visit with everyone.

Tyler getting ready to dress up for Prairiesta in Russell next weekend! :)

Nee and Sonya

Cornholes - can you guess who made them? Hint: The only KU fan in the family.

My girl and I

Miss Avery and I

Miss Abi and I - This girl would wear her bathing suit 24/7 even in the winter.

We haven't taken a picture like this for a long time!

Boys playing cornholes!

And then there was tons of yummy food! Nana makes the best pasta salad and I devoured it! I also made some golf cupcakes for Sean's birthday but I forgot to take a picture! I made rainbow cupcakes with little greens complete with a flag. So cute! Happy Birthday, Babe!
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