June 21, 2011

Prairiesta 2011 Part 2

After breakfast, Sean, Lyla, Brenda, Nana, Sonya and I headed downtown Russell to check out the rest of Prairiesta. We went through some of the downtown stores on Main and visited some of the events they had going on.

We also went to a hay shredding thing and saw some old, old tractors! Here is us girls!
We also visited the park for a bit. I've always told Sean I was a princess! :)
And so is Miss Lyla! :)
They also had a little set up of carnival rides. I wasn't sure how Lyla was going to do but she was super excited to do it! Then after a minute on the ride, she wanted off! We asked her if she wanted to go on another ride and she was all excited. But after a minute or two again, she cried and was ready to get off!

Miss Sonya was all ready for Prairiesta and had 3 outfits for the weekend! A ton of people and families dressed up like this. Sean and I did not! :)

We ate over there and Sean visited the beer garden a time or two! We got to see some of Sean's friends and hung out with Sonya and Ryan! Miss thing was tuckered out by the end! We spent about 15 hours in Russell that day!

The next day I had a wedding to shoot, so Sean took Lyla back over to Russell for the parade!
Miss Sonya and Ryan!
Bob Dole made an appearance!
The girls!

Lyla and Sonya in their get ups! Lyla wore her grandma's dress from when she was about the same age that Aunt Ruth made! I think it is about 50 years old or something like that!
Grandma and Lyla!

And that folks, wraps up Prairiesta 2011! Next time we partake in it, Lyla will be almost 12!!!
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