June 16, 2011


Apparently, mosquito's LOOOVE Lyla. So far I've counted 16. Yup. 16 bites. It's a great look for her (sarcasm) as they are all over her arms, face, neck and shoulders. I think only 1 or 2 on her legs. She also has gotten 2 HUGE ones on her back and one on her belly button. We are afraid that the one on her belly button is actually a spider bite as it's swelling all around her belly button and hurts her where none of the mosquito bites have bothered her in any way. So I'm waiting on a call from the doctor to see what we should do. I know there is no way we can keep her inside with how much she loves being outside with her daddy.

That's been about it lately. Hard to believe Lyla will be 22 months tomorrow and that means she'll be 2 in 2 months. Sad face. Positive side is hopefully by that time I'm not pregnant anymore!
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