June 17, 2011

Lyla {21 & 22 months}

Really? 22 months? Oh my. This has all gone way to fast. If you pay any attention to our monthly posts, you may have noticed I missed her 21 month post due to our crazy May. So this is a combo post! And for now...without pictures. I haven't taken a picture of the girl in quite some time. Shocking... I know!

- You weigh about 22.5 - 23 lbs.
- You are in size 18 month clothes.
- Wear a size 3 diaper or cloth.
You wear size 4 shoes.
-You've been sleeping really weird lately. You normally go down between 8:30 and 9:00 and get up anywhere from 7:30 - 8:30. The other day you slept until 10! I think you were a bit worn out!
-You nap anywhere from 1-2 hours. Most of the time it is 1 hour... mama misses those 2 hour naps!
- You are still a pretty good eater.
-On a good day you can match your colors but won't say what color it is. But most of the time all you will say is blue.
-Your favorite number is 2. You say that number all the time and won't even try to say any other numbers. That makes teaching you your numbers pretty hard!
-You call daddy "dad" and me either mommy or mom. I prefer mommy. Mom makes you sound like your 16 already.
-You know all your body parts and can point them out on other people too.
-You will try to repeat almost anything. Some words are much clearer though than others. You are also starting to make 2-3 word phases here and there.
-For the word water, you say blablabla like your blowing bubbles in the water. We can not get you to say water for the life of us! For TV, you say T. When you are hungry, you say I'm yummy instead of hungry.
- You love to try to put on random pieces of clothing.
-You also love to put random things on Reesie too. She is also your bff still. Puppies are the love of your life!
- The first two things you say in the morning after you wake up is I'm yummy and where's reesie.
- You say No to everything! Very rarely will you say yes unless we prompt you. Even if its something we know you want to do, you'll probably say no.
-You LOVE being outside. Most evenings I'll find you and daddy swimming in your pool, feeding the dogs, digging in the dirt, mowing or playing golf. This all makes your daddy so happy!
-You've become a monkey the last 2 months. You want to climb on most things but have yet to jump off of anything.
- You still suck your thumb and any chance I get, I tell you to get it out.
- You've also stopped taking your blankie with you around the house. We only give it to you if we know we'll be away from the house and you might fall asleep. Just makes it a little easier.
-You are a water bug! You love to blow bubbles and kick your feet. Your still a little timid with the slides but overall you love water. Any chance to play in water (even the toilet) makes you happy! (Since I wrote this you haven't wanted to spend anytime in the water and if we go to the pool, after a few minutes you say I'm done and want to leave.)
-You say thank you all the time and at the correct times. You'll say please if we prompt you.
-You are getting better at stairs. You will now use the opposite foot as you go up.
- Whenever we drive by fast food places, you say your yummy or that you want piz (pizza).
-You know the sounds of monkeys, puppys, cows, and ducks.
-You still love books and puzzles!
-You are very, very independent.
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