June 10, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Part 3

And finally, Monday. Happy Memorial Day!

We started off heading to Milberger, KS for a Memorial service at the cemetery. Sean's grandpa had just been buried there about 2 weeks before so it was nice to be able to put flowers at his site. We also visited a few other sites of Sean's family as well.

We then headed to GB. After nap time we headed to Vet's park. Hello, flash back. I haven't been there in forever. We saw some geese and their babies and also some ducks. Sean warned me they'd be protective of their babies and I freaked. I was afraid of them chasing me! :)

So I took pictures as they checked out the geese.

Then we played on the toys for a while. Lyla loved all the toys here! At our park they don't really have anything like these, so she enjoyed them. So much, she threw a fit when we left.

That evening we headed to Hoisington for Max's prayer service. They had a lot of pictures up of him along with a slide show of pictures! He is such a little cutie! :) Also, the Pastor had some pretty great things to say as well!

All in all, a pretty good weekend. Next year, hopefully we are out at the lake! We sold our spot after everything that had been going, so I'm really looking forward to some lake!!!!!!
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