June 28, 2011

Deep blue watery road...

If you haven't heard the song, I'm on a boat, then the title of this post means nothing to you. So to decipher... we went to the lake this past weekend! Sean's mom and dad and Sister and her family headed out and joined up for the weekend!

Lyla did awesome at the lake. She loved the water and really wasn't afraid of it at all. She got to go tubing again too! She also loved driving the boat! And she didn't hate her life jacket too much, either! I think she took about 4 naps the whole weekend and all of them involved falling asleep on the boat. Unfortunately they all lasted about 30 minutes or less! So even without a true nap, she did really well!

Floating with daddy!

Driving again...she loved it and would yell beep beep over and over!

Lyla and Caitlyn playing, she loved hanging with the girls in the water!

Lyla LOVES sunglasses (we have 5 pairs, I'm obsessed with them!) and will actually keep them on most of the time!

Floating in Wilson lake for the first time in her life jacket! I love my little water bug!

Abi going with her daddy for her first tube ride!

Abs and Ly

Lyla on her first tube ride of the season. Don't worry, no babies were bounced out of me while we were tubing. I don't think we went fast enough to even register speed on the speedometer. It was still fun, and she enjoyed it!

Avery going for her first ride with Renee.

Avery and Ly.

Getting our tan on! Lyla came home SO tan and blonde. She really doesn't look like our child with her hair so blonde :).

Daddy and Ly floating

Love this! Love her! I looked for this sunhat forever and finally got one last weekend! Love it on her!

One last time driving the boat...

Overall, great trip! Unfortunately my in-laws didn't have the best luck with their camper and headed home a day early! But we enjoyed hanging out, eating, and making smores! :) I'm so ready to get back out there! :) Love lake season!
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