June 27, 2011

34 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 34 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby Jay is about 4 3/4th lbs and 18 inches long, about the size of a cantaloupe.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 42 lbs.... from the scale at the doc's I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Sweetness. The problem with this is I probably ate better those past 2 weeks then I did my whole pregnancy!

Maternity Clothes: Mostly pants and some shirts.

Gender: A baby boy...and I keep thinking, "What am I going to do with a boy!?!" :)

Movement: Yuppers, and some of it is getting painful!

Sleep: I've started feeling like I need a nap in the afternoon and I've started sleeping on the couch as I'm much more comfy and it's easier to get up and pee 5 times every night.

What I miss: Margarita's, my skinny jeans, working out, bending over and picking things up.

Cravings: Fruity stuff!

Symptoms: The normal - peeing all the time, braxton hicks contractions all day.

Best Moment this week: Finding out I didn't have gestational diabetes. I also took a few things to get embroidered and I'm excited to get them back!

I had my doc appt. today and everything looks good. I'm measuring right on track for size (even though I feel huge) and his heartbeat was 140! I go back in 2 weeks and then I go weekly!! 42 days!
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