June 30, 2009

Sneak peaks

I'm hoping to *completely* finish the nursery this weekend. 3 days should be enough, right! :)

Here's a few pics so far. The first is her bow board. I couldn't remember if I had posted this before, but now it actually has a few bows on it. And some super cute big flowers! Sean hates em', but I adore them! This baby is going to be the cutest baby on the block. And I can freely say that because there's no other babies around us! The 2nd pic is of the reading/nursing corner in the nursery. I *love* this area! My parents got us the rocker/glider and it fits perfect! I also love the saying we put on the wall. And I love the shelves! Oh heck, I love it all!

Oh, and I finally convinced my parents to have non-traditional grandma/grandpa names. I love cutesy names so the whole grammy and granddad names that they wanted to be called wasn't fitting the bill. So today I was walking to my car and the name Granna came to mind. Perfect. So mom is OK with it so that's what she'll be referred to as. We then decided for my dad that he'll be called pops. My brother calls him that and mom mentioned it and I think that fits him much better than granddad. So my parents officially have names! :)

Well I'm off to do something, who knows what though. I took a nice hour and half nap so I'll be up for a bit! Peace.

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  1. I love the bow board and baby's room. It looks really pretty but not super girly. I like it! Now I know what a bow board is. I really like that idea. The chair looks comfy.


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