June 23, 2009

33 week appt!

Everything checked out great again! Baby's heartbeat was 126 and I gained 7 stinkn' pounds. Ehh. I weigh almost as much as Sean with a total gain right now of 30 lbs. I was hoping not to go over 35 but it doesn't look like that going to happen! Nothing else exciting! Off to work on pictures then a walk when it cools off. I hate this hot hot weather. I'm much more of a spring/fall kinda girl!!!

Have a great night!


  1. Hang in there Andrea! You're almost there! 30 pounds isn't so bad! You're going to loose it all plus some anyway. It's the price we girls get to pay for those cute, stinky little ones that love us. It's hard saying goodbye to the body you knew but it's worth it-I promise!

  2. LOL, I'll bring cupcakes this morning. :)


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