June 12, 2009

Here we go Pens, Here we go!

And the Stanley Cups champs are.... drum roll please....
Pittsburgh Pens!!
I'll be super-de-duper honest with you. I don't like hockey. It's a dumb sport in my opinion. But I do love Pittsburgh. A lot. So therefore I'm excited that the Pens won! I still remember my 1st and only Pens game. It was for my 10th birthday and my dad took me to this restaurant called the Bicycle Club and I remember the menu having weird food that I didn't know. But it was a sophisticated restaurant and I loved it! Then we headed to the game, which I couldn't tell you a darn thing about except that I got cotton candy and I fell sleep on the ride home.
Anyways, again, not a fan of hockey but I love me some Pittsburgh so I'm glad they won! This was the only game of the series that I actually watched and to be honest (again) I don't understand it. Please tell me why you would like to be chucked up against some plexy glass or lose some teeth because the puck hit you in the mouth. Not my kind of fun, if you ask me. But I'm pretty sure those hockey boys don't think sewing is fun either! The one thing I do like about hockey is the boys. Not gonna lie, they were pretty delicious in a scruffy, bearded, toothless kinda way (like the picture above but this boy actually has all his pearly whites, which I bet aren't real).
Well I'm back to home sweet home Great Bend but can't really say there's anything "great" about it! I did manage to go to Wal-mart and not run into someone. That could have been a first! Well I'm off to make pasta salad for my friend's shower tomorrow. I'm super excited for my pedicure tomorrow as well. This swollen-footed mama could really use one about now!
Have a great weekend!
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