June 2, 2009

30 weeks!!

WOW. That's all I got...

Ok, so I got more. I can't believe I have 30 weeks behind me! That seems like such a long time, when in turn it really didn't take all that long to get here. Only 10 weeks to go and hopefully no longer! But this is one thing I don't get to much say in.

Here's a few stats for 30 weeks.

-I no longer sleep like I'm used too. It. Sucks. Big time.
-I still only get up about once to pee during the night but I'm awake probably 4-5 times a night.
-I'm starting to feel like I did in the first trimester. I'm exhausted all the time. I take a nap pretty much every night after work. And I still manage to be in bed by 10ish.
-The nursery has all it's furniture in there. We got the rocker/glider on Monday and it's awesome! It totally completes the room.
-My next appointment is in 6 days (Monday)
-I've been craving candy recently and still love my swiss cake rolls. I'm also praying (very hard) that I don't gain another 10 lbs in the past 3 weeks.
-Baby Jay is moving all the time and if you lay your hand on my belly, you'll almost always feel her move.

Well Sean and I have some cleaning and packing to do since we leave tomorrow for Great Bend then Thursday it's off to Wichita. I'll miss my bubba but at the same time, I have a busy busy weekend so the time without him will go fast. Oh, and I'll be shopping and I LOVE shopping! But you knew that already, right?
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