June 20, 2009

Stupid Rain, GO AWAY...

and don't come back unless I DON'T want to be at the lake.

I'm sad. Disappointed.

I'm supposed to be tanning right now. Not blogging.

I'm supposed to be soaking up some rays. Not cleaning.

I'm supposed to be boating around the lake. Not reorganizing.

I'm supposed to be hanging with friends at the lake. Not sitting at home.

Grrr... can you sense my frustration? I was SO excited to head there after my photo session this morning. I kept thinking about it ALL week. I even dreamed about it. But then Sean decided to break my heart and show me the weather radar with nothing in sight but stormy weather. Stupid rain.

The good part of not going to the lake. Nothing.

The semi-good part about not going to the lake. Taking a nap.

I love naps. But I could be napping on my lounge chair. At the lake. Soaking up some rays.

Stupid rain.

The rain better not make an appearance this 4th of July or there will be some serious consequences. Be scared rain. Be very very scared.

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