June 13, 2009

Belly Molestation

I *love* my belly! I really, really do. And if you ask nicely I'll be more than happy to show it off. If you ask.

Today we were at this salon/store and I saw a girl I went to high school but was in the class below me. Anyways, she saw that I was pregnant and came right up to me, pulled my shirt up (yes, in the middle of this store/salon) and literally starts shaking my belly to get Baby Jay to move. I about died. I couldn't believe she was doing that. But it gets better.

She then gets below me so she looking up at my belly to check out if I have stretch marks and tells me that my belly is adorable! Then the baby got a ton of rubs over and over and over and over. I don't know anyone that has touched my belly that much, ever. That's even including me! It was hilarious!!!! It didn't really bother me because I don't mind showing off my belly but I just couldn't believe she did it in the middle of the store with people around. And this isn't a close, close friend. I haven't seen her in years, like 7 years!

The shower went great, the food was awesome and Regina got lots of practical gifts. Oh, and my toes look awesome! I love pedicures. I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I get home. I actually think I'm off to go lay in bed. I'm exhausted!! Much love, folk. Much love.
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