June 16, 2009


Sean and I just started looking into daycare recently. I've done some research, got contact lists, made a sheet of questions to ask, etc. I wanted to be prepared as I'm "hiring" someone to watch my baby girl and that is HUGE! Hopefully it's not a forever thing but more like a year thing, but you never know what'll happen in the future. We met with our first (and only right now) possibility tonight and overall we are really happy with her. When we got there, she showed us her whole entire house, which I really liked. She didn't just show us where the kids would be playing and the kitchen. So it was nice to see everything. And she was very open with everything and answered all of my questions. She lives in Victoria which is great as we were hoping to do daycare in Victoria so she is raised with kids she'll go to school with. This lady will have another baby girl about 2-3 months older than ours. Her rates are super reasonable as well which is a plus. She can't be cloth diapered when she's there since she's a licensed daycare so that's probably the only con. She's a supporter of breast milk and is happy to do the homemade food for her as well! Her availability times are good too, and work well with my schedule whenever I have to travel. She's also huge about structure and a routine which I love. I didn't want my daughter to be in front of the TV the whole day whenever she gets to that age. Overall, we were super pleased and after talking about it, I'm pretty sure we are going to go with her. I'm going to give her a call tomorrow because I thought of another question. And if she answers it correctly (ha ha) then we are going to go with her. It's hard to believe it was that simple. We thought about visiting with other daycares but we are happy with everything today and just seeing more places will stress me out. There aren't anymore options in Victoria for us, so that would mean we'd have do it in Hays and that was something we didn't really want to do. We got along with her well too, so that was a plus!

Well I'm off to work on some photography from a wedding. I've been busy busy with pictures including 2 more sessions this weekend then a wedding and family session the following weekend. Then I have an engagement session in July and that'll sum it up before the baby comes! Hopefully this fall is busy as well!

Well I'm off! I took a nap this afternoon so I'm good to go for a little bit! Nighty night!


  1. You're going to have to help me put the little rotating baby on my blog. I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Thanks again for checking on Charlie this afternoon. It took a lot of worry off my mind to know he was where he should be!

  2. Actually I know plenty of people (on the computer- not in real life) who use registered daycares and cloth diapers. If you are really committed to using cloth then you could push the issue. Cloth diapers are not any LESS sanitary than paper diapers. Good luck! :)


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