June 19, 2009

Quick post!

Nothing exciting around our house. All you would have missed is me sleeping, Sean staining the back deck, and some swollen feet! Exciting I tell ya! Sean and I are off on a lil' date to go play putt putt. We haven't really done anything together like this in a while so it'll be fun. And he promised me ice cream afterwards, and I most definitely can't turn that down!

Busy weekend ahead for us! I have a bunch of photo sessions and then we are spending some time at the lake! Something I CAN NOT wait for!!! Oh how I miss the lake. Actually how I miss being tan and getting to tube. However I can only do 1 of those 2 this weekend so I'm still looking forward to it!!! (FYI, it is supposed to storm tomorrow morning! )

Have a great weekend!

Quick prayer....
Go to this blog and say a prayer. They have infertility problems and adopted a boy from Russia 2 years ago. She has gotten pregnant 6 times and has lost every.single.one. around 8 weeks! So they are adopting again and a few months ago they were about to adopt a girl and when they got there the birth mother decided to keep the baby. Well, they recently are trying to adopt another baby that was just born a few days ago and after much reassurance that this wouldn't happen, the birth mom is having 2nd thoughts!!! So if you wouldn't mind, say a quick prayer! I couldn't even imagine being in her shoes with all the loss she has felt!

ETA: I beat Sean by 6 strokes! Watch out PGA putt putt tour, here I come!!
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