June 6, 2009

Swollen feet anyone?

If you'd like to borrow mine, you are more than welcome to do so! I had a wedding to photograph today and I should have known better than to stay up late putting away baby stuff. I woke up with puffy ankles and by the time the wedding was over, I could hardly move my feet. It's like my joints are filled with water and won't bend. Oh, brother. I stopped by to see my nieces after the wedding and they had their pool out and it felt so good to put my feet in the water. I'm considering getting one of those foot spas and putting ice cold water in there and getting a mini foot massage. I've had my feet up for the past few hours, but no change. They are huge. I sent a picture text to Sean and he called them hugungous or something to the liking. Yes, dear. I know they are huge.

Well Sean has been gone 2 1/2 days and I officially miss him. But the shopping I did Thursday and Friday did make up for it some. We got pretty much everything we need for the baby including the travel system (I love it and it may already be installed in the car. Maybe.), a vibrating chair, receiving blankets, bibs, clothes galore, and shoes. She is going to be so stinkn' adorable. I have already washed all the clothes and put them away and I've started really organizing the nursery. I got some done this morning but the rest might have to wait until tomorrow night. My feet hurt way to bad. And I have a photo session tomorrow afternoon plus I work the nursery at church. So I'm sure my feet will be the same way. Oh, brother.

Well I'm off. I'll post pictures soon of some of the baby's goodies!
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