May 31, 2009

This may be my longest post.Ever.

Extra.Extra. Read all about it!

My baby shower was a huge success and I'm SO entirely grateful for all of Sean and I's friends! A special thanks to those that made it and an extra special thanks to my SIL Renee and Mom for putting it together for me! Love you guys!

Here's a picture of my cake. It got some minor damage in transport but overall it turned out super cute. And for the record, I still haven't had a piece. But don't you worry kids, it's on my to-do list.
A picture of my mom and I. I think we look a lot alike in this picture. And you can also tell I look huge! This is why I'm not a huge fan of maternity clothes that hid the bump. I feel smaller if I'm wearing something tight fitting but a girl from work requested I wear maternity clothes. So there ya go. Can you tell where I'm gaining my weight the most? My face, love handles, and feet. No butt still and only minimal growth to the ta-ta's. I don't even think my bump is that big for being 30 weeks but I think the clothes make it look ginormous, in my opinion. I'm already slightly on the swollen side. And I still have 10 weeks to go. O brother.My sweet niece Avery. She did so good at the shower!
My lovebug (Abi) and I. This was at the end of shower when she finally got the balloon and she loved me again. At the beginning of the shower she hated me because I couldn't give her the big balloon. Oh, I love her though. I may not throw a fit over a balloon, but I'm sure I've thrown fits over other things. And I probably wasn't 4 either!

My soon-to-be SIL in November! She came from Wichita for the shower and helped get things set up whenever we got there. She was also the picture taker for the day! Thanks Kelci!

My mom with us girls!
Myself and the grandma's!

We played a game where you put a plate on the top of your head and then you try and draw a picture of a baby. It was funny to see some of the drawings. My friend Jami won that one. Then we also played the string game where they guess how big I am. Let's just say, everyone must think I'm HUGE. My friend Erica won that one and got it perfectly. I should say a very FEW people made me happy and went too small. I like those people.

Myself with the gifts! We got a ton of great stuff. We got a rocker/glider from my parents and my work got us the pack n' play! We got some bath stuff, a few outfits, safety things, a few KU items (which Sean loves), a jenny jump-up, a child rocking chair, blankets, etc. So basically we don't have to many other things to get!
One of the gifts I want to post about is this Cheer for me potty chair. Sean wanted this chair so incredibly bad. He saw it on Nex-tech and wanted to get it but didn't. Then when we registered that was the one thing he wanted to get. Well Kelci got it for us and Sean is pretty dang excited about it!
All the gifts (minus the rocker/glider and pack n' play) together after I got home with them! We are soo blessed! We had a great turn out and again, thanks to everyone that came and got Baby Jay a gift! She loves it all!!!

After the shower, Kelci and mom came over and we took another look at everything we got. After we got everything out of the bags I got a call from Sean saying we were going to Salina so about 30 minutes later we were on our way. Our friends Tony and Deb, Jared and Andrea and their girls Ashlyn and Kaitlyn and Sean and I headed to Salina, did a little shopping and then went to Red Lobster for dinner. I may have picked up a few outfits at Kohls for Baby Jay and maybe I purchased this oh-so-adorable bathing suit for next year! Girls clothing is soo stinkn' cute!

Anyways we didn't get back until after midnight and I, of course, fell asleep on the way home. Along with pretty much everyone else except Deb and Andrea. We had a great time though and I love being spontaneous like that!!

So today that means I get to organize all of the baby stuff. I'm so stinking excited!!! Oh, and it's a short work week for me so I'm excited about that. And after those 3 days, I'm off to Wichita to put Sean on a plane towards South Carolina and my mom and I are shopping! Oh goody goodness I love to shop!!!


  1. I like the maternity clothes too!!!

  2. I thought your shower went great! You got a lot of things that you will actually use! The cake was delish as well as the punch and everything else. I really want that punch recipe and the Peanut Butter thing recipe. Yum! I will have to email 'Nee. Have fun shopping and I'm so jealous that you have a short week. I love short weeks but don't get them often enough!


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