August 31, 2012

FHSU soccer

 I've been a big fan of soccer since I've been an itty bitty. I've played for years when I was little and up until we moved to Kansas plus 1 year in high school.  FHSU had gotten a soccer team 2 or 3 years ago, maybe and we finally made it to a game! They happened to have their opener on Cohen's 1st birthday, so we made it a date with dinner!

We headed off to Applebee's (Lyla's favorite plus we also went there on her 1st birthday!) and then went to the game. When we arrived there were maybe 10 people but once kick off happened the stands were full.  Cohen WILL not sit still so we mostly hung out around the field so he could walk/crawl around!

 A little half time kicking on the field with a basketball. Nice, huh?

And Cohen was cranky and not in the mood to be in a picture, so that would be why he really isn't in any! :)
Overall, good game! They won and we got to spend a nice evening as a family!
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