August 2, 2012

Houston Trip 2012 - Home sweet home

 Monday we started our journey home! ;) We did one exciting thing that I love, love, love. That would be going to IKEA. Next time, I'm taking a U-haul. And trust, I will!

We also stopped at a drive through petting zoo type place called Arbuckle Wilderness. We were the first ones there and so there were some hungry animals! We got to see a bunch of furry things and I'm not sure what they all were. Some of them where crazy mean and freaked me out! One ripped the cup of food out of dad's hand and another left teeth marks in the cup.  Crazy, mean animals!

 These ones were especially greedy, hungry animals!

 One piece of advice from me is to always have a potty chair in the vehicle.  It has come in handy lots of time! However, she didn't use it once the whole trip but when we got home and laid it out while we were cleaning out the vehicle, she just "had" to use it! ;) Silly girl!
Overall, a great trip, though I'm really not a fan of driving that many hours in a car with kids. But it was fun being with my parents and kids and going to a place I'd never been! 
Best part, hands down, was watching Kevin compete. But coming in at a very, very close 2nd would be IKEA.  Oh, IKEA. ;)
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