August 22, 2012

Lake time

 Our lake season seemed so short this year...and well it was! We only got to venture out 3 times, and only comping twice.  One weekend we had a little get together and it was so fun!

 This guy right here thinks he's a stud.

 Are they adorable or what? And they are getting married...eeeks!!
 Her first time driving a boat!
 I know, I know. I'm so cool!
 And we are so cool together!! ;)

 And he's a nerd!

 Later that day we had a little BBQ. Miss Sarah and Kynlee - we missed Jake on this one!
 Dan and Nee - they found out they are having a little boy! ;) Another nephew for Sean and I!! So excited!
 Ty, KK and Piper. Raise your head if you think they should have a baby asap?!
 He was being a goof so we didn't get that great of a picture. Thanks dear.
It happened to rain and be super windy so we didn't get to play polish horseshoes or corn holes very long. So most of the night was spent talking about random things and drinking. Great night! ;)
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