August 19, 2012

Mr. Cohen ::12 months::

 Happy 1st Birthday, sweet boy!
I still can't believe the first year of your life is over. It has gone by so quick. A blink of my eye and you are 1!

 - You weigh around 16-17 lbs. You have your appt tomorrow so I'll know for sure then. I high doubt you've hit 17 lbs but we shall see! (You had your 12 month appt on 8/20 and you weighed 16 lbs 15 oz and in the 2 %. You are 28 inches tall which is also the 2 %)
- You wear size 3-6 months and a few 6-9 months. Your pants are all 3-6 months but they are too short on you! 
- You are in a size 2 or 3 shoes and size 3 diaper.

- You sleep from 8:30 to 7:30.
- You take 1 nap a day in the afternoons. Some days you'll sleep an  hour and some 3 1/2. It all varies.
-You are finally becoming an eater! You eat all your veggies and all fruits except for bananas. I don't think you like the feel of them! You also have a sweet tooth! Not a big fan of meats either.
- You finally have started taking a sippy cup better. You like the ones with the straw and only use the bottle in the morning and bed time.

-Your biggest milestone is that you are taking steps.  The most you have done is 13 and you are getting more steady every day.  
- You can also stand up in the middle of a room and have been for about a month.
- You love to climb! We've caught you climbing up the swing set rock wall using toys to try and climb up the couch, etc!
- You've also figured out just recently how to get off the couch gracefully! 

- You, verbally, are not doing well. You only say your b and d sounds. So no mama sounds yet.
- You are doing good with directions  - Sit down, go get this, go to mommy, etc.
- Your newest thing is to try and mimic the itsy bitsy spider. It's pretty cute! 
- You LOVE beds and pillows.  You will crawl over a bed and stand up and just fall on the pillows! 

- You are a screamer! You are LOUD.  Extremely loud!  You don't like to sit still  for a minute. Or for a second. You've made easy outings, but more difficult!
- You are needy and are in a stage where you love to be held. Specifically by your momma! If you see me, you scream and point at me and raise your hands up until I get you.
- You love to clap, point, wave hi and bye, play so big and where's cohen!
- You still love all boys, any toys that make noise esp your piano or toy ipad! 

- You love to play chase with your sister and you two will laugh and laugh together! Lyla loves to tell me that you are her best friend and buddy! ;) You love her as long as she isn't taking something from you! ;)


Happy 1st birthday, Cohen Finn! You are the sweetest little boy and we just love you SO much! You have the cutest little laugh, prettiest eyes and the longest little eye lashes! You make your daddy, sister and I so happy! 

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