August 20, 2012

1st day of dance

 This is such a big week for Miss Lyla. Here first week of being 3, starting "real" dance classes, and starting preschool! Holy moly.

Tonight was her first night of "real" dance. I say "real" because we are in the full shabang. Costumes, dance shoes, rehearsals, and recitals. Last year she did dance at the rec, which she loved, so I know she'll love this too. And one of our friends' daughter is in the class too! 

So we she is super excited!

 Showing me her dancing skills!

Divalicious!  She's in love with back packs so she wanted to take one to dance!

She's a sassy thing!
I just love her! ;)

She has dance every Monday for an hour! Tonight she was sad we had to leave and kept asking when we would be be going back! ;)
I was so excited to watch her dance as I've been waiting for this since she was born! She did pretty well, followed directions, listened and paid attention! So I consider that a success!
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