August 29, 2012

My birthday girl

At the beginning of the month we had Lyla's 3rd birthday party with our family and friends! I was totally against having their parties together so we did Lyla's at the beginning and Cohen's last weekend! 

She was so excited for her "friends" to come over and hang out and couldn't wait to open presents! She kept asking about her party a couples days before hand. 

My nephew, Ben! Loves him!

Her cake! Adorable, right? I LOVED it! By far my favorite cake that I've had made for her!
 The set up! We just served snacky foods and drinks!

 Did a little slip n' sliding!
 Tayla and Lyla! Aren't they cute?

 Cake time! Last year she was scared to blow out her candles but this year she did just fine!

 Clay and Alicia - don't you think they need another one! :)
 Girls' table!

Presents! She got a bunch of cute stuff! Lots of  craft stuff which she is big into right now, a barbie, an embroidered book bag, puzzles and stuff for her kitchen, which we got her!

The kitchen! We got it at IKEA and I LOVE the look of it and the kids love playing with it!


 Overall, great birthday party for our sweet girl!!
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