August 21, 2012

Preschool Jumpstart

 Miss Lyla has her jump start today for preschool. 
She has been so excited and woke up before 7 and couldn't wait to go! ;) 
At the jump start, we got to attend with her, and her teacher, Mrs. Jamie, gave us an idea of what a school day would look like. Overall, I think it will work out great and I'm looking forward to seeing how much she learns! There is another little girl from Victoria, a girl from church and then I also have a previous clients' daughter in the class as well!

 Sassy thing! ;)
 My baby...tear tear.

 Off we go!

 Her book bag... isn't it adorable?!

When we first got there, they got to have some free time. Lyla just walked off and started playing and pretty much forgot about us! ;(

 Reading time!
 Coloring with daddy. They got to color a leaf and then they glued a family picture on it!
  Play-doh time!

 Next to her book bag hook!
 Her teacher, Mrs. Jamie.
I can't believe Thursday will start her school year!! I have a feeling she's going to handle it much better than me! ;)
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