August 21, 2012

3 years old!

I still can't believe you are 3, sweet girl! You are the sweetest, kindest, funniest little girl! You can make me smile quickly and forget all about you being naughty! ;) You can easily persuade me to let you sleep with me, especially when you tell me I'm your best friend! You're my best friend too, love.

- You weigh 28.4 lbs and are 36 1/2   inches tall.
- You are weighting 24 months and some 2T. Most 2T especially in the pants, are way to big on you!
- You are wearing a size 7 shoe.

- You are a great eater and we rarely have any fits with you eating. Not a big fan of chicken but will devour just about anything else. Oh and you love to eat plate after plate of spaghetti and could eat 10 ears of corn if we let you!
- You sleep from around 9 -7:30. If you climb in bed with us, we can normally get another 1/2 of sleep! You still take a nap for about 2 hours in the afternoons. You are a night owl and would stay up super late every night.

- You are entirely too sweet but can be a sassy pants at time.
- You are respectful and are great at saying your please and thank yous!
- You love to play with other kids and ask when you'll see your "friends" or if your "friends" can come over.

- Speech wise, you are great at putting together sentences and while you can be hard to understand at times, you have a great vocabulary!
- You can recognize all of your letters.
- You can count to 10 easily now and normally make it to around 18.
 - You can say all your ABC's.

- You love to sing and dance. Itsy bitsy spider, Old Macdonald, and Jesus loves me are a few of your favorites.You love to listen to the music loud in the car and dance with me! ;)
- You are good at recognizing shapes but struggle a bit with colors. You like to say that purple is your favorite color but if we ask you what is the ugliest color in the world, you say purple too! 
- Favorite things : Color, paint, watch TV - you love Mickey and Caillou and Tangled, play soccer, dance, sing, help us cook, riding your bike, Piper, bubbles, swimming, and the list could go on!

 - You like to tell me your brother is your best friend and you tell me this often. I wanted to make sure to write this down because I'm sure someday he will not be your best friend! I hope you two are close and continue to have a great relationship but we'll see what happens with the brotherly/sisterly love.

Here is to a great year of being 3, Miss Lyla! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!
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