September 20, 2012

Holy bad blogger

 Man, I was doing SO good with blogging. But now its been 20 days since I've blogged. But I have a valid reason. Life has been CRAZY.

Let's start off with the day of Cohen's party. There was a mud run in Hays that my brother and Sean competed in. I take that back. Kevin competed and Sean got hurt. About 150 ft in and on the 3rd obstacle, Sean jumped into the mudpit and hurt his knee. But then he kind of got trampled on, mud in the face and couldn't get out! A doctor appt and then a MRI confirmed a torn ACL. A referral to ortho landed Sean a 1 night stay and surgery.

 Sept 11th was the day and Sean was NERVOUS. And omigoodness is he a chatty Kathy when he gets nervous. Those poor, poor nurses. Oh, and poor poor me! :)

Don't worry he survived! :)

 This was when he was getting ready to go back and they had just given him Versed. Let's just say he was giggly and wouldn't shut his mouth. He would say something random and then just giggle.

And afterwards. The doc said he did fine and that luckily he just torn his ACL and nothing else.  

 I got to stay with some of my favorite people after we had a sushi date! :) Oh my, I love sushi! :)
And look how well they treated me! A towel swan, Andes mints, and fuji water.  It was pretty much like a vacation because I didn't have Sean's chicken wings in my back or a kid crawling in bed with us. Heaven.

 He is doing well but he's been in quite a bit of pain lately! Let's just say I have 3 kids to take care of now. I have always said I wanted 3 kids, I just didn't expect 1 to be 34! :) Let's just say he can be a bit of a baby. 

Then to top off that crazyness, the kids decided to get sick. Cohen has an ear infection and battle a fever for a day or two and Lyla battled a fever for about 24 hours. I can't say those were the best 24 hours I've ever had. 

 Real life. I've always know Sean has been a big help so it's been hard the last few weeks. He really can't help in any way right now, so that has been the most frustrating part of it all.
But we are BLESSED beyond measures and THANK YOU to our friends and family that have helped us out. To those that have offered to help watch the kids, my parents and Sean's parents for helping with the kids and around the house (this chick does not mow, thanks Dad!) and for sweet words and prayers.  Sean and I (and the kids) are pretty lucky people!

So hopefully I'll get caught up with more posts soon! I still have Cohen's birthday, KU games, Cohen's 13 month post, etc.
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