August 27, 2012

Laking it!

 Ahh, our second home! Except this summer, we barely got to be out at the lake much.  As in only 3 times all summer! Boo! After Sean's tri, we all headed out to the lake.  

Sooo, I happened to forget Lyla's swimsuit...who does that? So she got to swim in shorts and a tee.  
And also, puddle jumpers are THE best life jackets out there for kiddos. Seriously amazing!

 This little boy does great at the lake minus the fact he will not sleep whenever we are on the boat.  Lyla will fall asleep within minutes of us getting on the water. Cohen just wants to stay awake to see everything!

 I just love them!

 This year Lyla was all about playing in the sand and no much about swimming in the water. 
 See, she sleeps great in the boat!
 He loved crawling all around in the water!

Here's to next summer! We are hoping to sell out boat and get a new one next spring! ;) Yay!
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