May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

Nothing to exciting for us today! We went to church and then to Arby's for lunch. Nap time for Lyla and some couponing for me. Then I had a photo session and we just finished supper and desert.

Exciting, right?

But let's see... what have we done this weekend? We went to a few garage sales after Sean got off work on Friday. Lyla got a few cute play clothes and a bunch of books. Garage sales are great for books! Baby Jay got a little toy, but Lyla really made out like a bandit! She also got this little riding pony which she loves!

Saturday we headed to Hays to run a few errands. We stopped by Sears to get a sander and I feel in love with appliances! I'm so ready to move! :) I then had a session and we headed to Taco Grande for lunch. Then Lyla and I enjoyed a nap while Sean worked outside. I, then, being a great wife, cleaned out his vehicle for him! We also turned Lyla's car seat around in his truck and moved it over to make room for Baby Jay. It's a pain and a half putting Lyla in a 3 door truck. As much as I didn't want to turn her around yet, it's so much easier. And, we only drive Sean's truck about once a month, if that. She's still rear-facing in my vehicle!

And that was our weekend! I love time with the fam!

Here's to a busy week! And Miss Ly will be spending a few days with her Granna and Pops and I'm looking forward to get caught up with work stuff! I'll miss her like crazy but it'll be ncie to get a few things done!
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