May 23, 2011

Max - Day 6

My adorable little nephew is still hanging in there. He had a good night and still no changes on the vent settings. They are doing a few clinical tests today and waiting to visit with the neurologist sometime this afternoon. He's still moving a little, squeezing fingers, but they are unsure as to if it is just an auto reflex or him doing it. I think the week is starting to wear on everyone so please continue to pray for Kevin and Kelci. The next couples days will be hard for him. Technically, everyday is hard, but the upcoming days ahead will be just as hard, if not harder.

It's been a hard morning for myself with not being there. I've at least gotten to see him everyday so I'm struggling with that. I know Max wants his aunt! :) Lyla and I have been praying for him all morning and she's been carrying around my phone with his pictures and kissing it.

I also have another prayer request. Sean's 2nd cousin was in a serious car accident early Saturday morning, I believe. She has broken her arm and also her back. I know she is having surgery today but that's about all I really know. From what I've been told, she's been positive and upbeat given the situation. So I ask you pray for her and her family and also the doctors performing the surgery today. She will have a long road ahead of her as well.

I know I ask you to pray everyday and I thank you! Everything has been appreciated that all our friends and even people we don't know have done for us. I might not be able to respond to everyone, but please know it is appreciated. I will update later today after they visit with the neurologist! Praying for peace for Kevin, Kelci and Max!

Aunt Andrea loves and misses you Mr. Max!

{Also, I did an update late last night so if you haven't seen it, the post should be below this one if you click on the home button}

9:30 update:
The neurologist had come to visit earlier this afternoon, and after another EEG today, it was determined that he has no change in it since the last one (on Thursday). But he has been moving a little bit more, but they still are not sure what it is related to. They could be a reflex, seizure activity, or something else that I'm not aware of. They also are thinking he's beginning to get pneumonia from him being on the vent. That is definitely another road block for him and something else for Kevin and Kelci to worry about.

It's been so hard not being there for them. It's been hard not getting to hold Max's hand knowing what he's going through. It's been hard not getting to read to him as that was something I enjoyed doing while I was with him. And it's been hard not being there for Kev and Kelci. I just want to give them both a big hug! And smother Mr. Max in kisses. I LOVED being able to kiss his sweet forehead. That's something I really miss. After I gave Lyla a bath tonight I smelt the baby shampoo on her and it brought me back to kissing his forehead and him smelling like that. Oh, I miss that little boy.

Please pray that the pneumonia doesn't get out of hand and that they are able to get rid of it quickly so it doesn't effect or lead to anything else. Pray for healing of my sweet Max!

THANK YOU to everyone!!!! I know I sound like I'm repeating myself every time I've updated, but the support has been amazing! Thank you, thank you!
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