May 25, 2011

Max- Day 8

Just talked to Kevin and he really didn't have anything to update. Said Max was still the same. they have a meeting with doctor's this afternoon, so I'm praying they get some answers and have peace with whatever the doctor's happen to tell them.

I miss him so much!

Also, Max is pretty famous! :) Thank you to everyone who has spread the word to pray for him! I love getting emails from people that I don't even know, that just want me to know that they are praying for him and the family! He's a pretty special guy and deserves all this love! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! And I'm sure Kevin and Kelci would say the same.


10:00 UPDATE
Talked with Kevin again and Max is still hanging in there. I asked about his blood pressure and he said it is doing much better. It was dropping some, but came back up without the need of assistance. I'm going back down tomorrow to be with them. I just miss hMax to much to stay away. And more so, I want to be there for Kevin and Kelci... even if it's just for my brother to make fun of me and get a laugh out of it. That's something he enjoys! Gotta pick on the older sister! :) Thank you all for the continued prayers! God is amazing!
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