May 22, 2011

Mr. Max - Day 5

Sorry I haven't wrote an update yet today. Max had an ok day and is hanging in there. No changes for him in his vent settings or any tests. He's still tolerating his tube feedings great and is just a chunk! I got to spend a lot of time this morning sitting by him, holding his hand, and reading to him. I just love him to pieces.

Unfortunately, Sean and I had to say goodbye to him today. Miss Lyla was really missing her momma and her momma was missing her. She's had a crazy couple of weeks and I think a bit out of sorts. So, it was extremely hard to say goodbye to him today. And to be honest, bye was never a word out of my mouth. It was hard leaving him not knowing whether or not I was seeing him for the last time or until the next time I come up. I let him know how much I'm going to miss him and how much Sean, Lyla and I love him. I told him he was the strongest little boy I know and that I'm so proud of him! Oh, I love him.

There's a few things I wanted to address. One thing is this has nothing to do with shaken baby syndrome. Kevin and Kelci have peace that this was a total accident and do not blame the babysitter at all. The babysitter has come by and seen Max and to visit with Kevin and Kelci.

Another thing is I appreciate the emails from everyone thanking me for blogging all the updates. I know a lot of people that are checking know Kevin, Kelci and Max personally and I'm glad everyone can stay updated and be able to pray for specific things. And thank you to those that don't personally know them, but feel compelled to follow to keep up with the updates and to pray for the family as well.

Lastly, thank you to those that have messaged me telling me how strong they think they I am being for the family. I'll be very honest when I say, please don't think that. The truth is I haven't been strong at all. I cry at the slightest thing and have been held up by my brother more than once. There has been a few occasions where my brother has been strong for me. I've even told him that I should be the one consoling him. I would love to say I've been strong, but I would be very much lying if I said that. Kevin and Kelci have been so strong with everything and they continue to amaze me every single day.

Please pray that God comforts and consoles them in whatever ways they need. Continue to pray for the medical staff that care for Max and for peace with whatever decisions come their way. God is still amazing!
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