May 21, 2011

Mr. Max

Max had a pretty good night. They played with different adjustments with his vent settings, but he didn't tolerate it very well. So now his vent settings have been upped. They also upped his tube feeding which is great. He is now taking 16 ml per hour. His face is also less swollen today and he looks just like cute Max. Kelci put him in a Steelers outfit and he looks just adorable!

That's about it for the night. We'll be spending the day loving on him! I read him a few books and love the time I get to hold his hand and kiss his sweet forehead. Hopefully the ophthalmologist will be coming in today, but I think that is it for today.

Thank you again for the prayers. We can not express how thankful we are and how much it is appreciated. Kevin and Kelci are doing the best the can, given the situation and I'm amazed how strong they are.

Thank YOU!

11:30 update:
The transplant team has come and talked to Kevin and Kelci about organ donation. Unfortunately, they found out out that they would not be able to donate any of Max's organs besides his heart valves and tissue. This is pretty devastating to Kelci has it was something she was hoping for. Please pray for peace for Kevin and Kelci right now as they have some tough decisions ahead of them.

5:30 update:
Max is still hanging in there. Boy is he a cutie! I just love him so much! They haven't made any changes on the vent. The ophthalmologist still hasn't come by either. Kelci has gotten to lay in the bed next to him and do some snuggling. And....while she was doing that, Max slightly opened his eyes and also squeezed her finger. The neurologist came in and visited with them, but he thought it was either a reflex or him having a small seizure. The neurologists' opinion for the day is that Max hasn't had any changes. He is still doing good with his tube feedings as well. He's had a lot of visitors today so he's got lots of love!
Another thing we did today was take some pictures. I know this can be a controversial subject, but Kevin and Kelci felt this is something they wanted, but they are not sure if or when they will look at them. But this way they will be there for them, if they decided. He sure is a cute little boy! And he is so so loved! Thanks again for the prayers! We all feel so blessed by everyone's support! God is GOOD!
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