May 18, 2011

My Sweet Nephew

By now a few of you might know about the traumatic actions that have happened recently. For those that don't, my nephew Max stopped breathing yesterday afternoon while at his sitters. They are thinking he went 20 minutes without oxygen at the minimum. He was able to be resuscitated and now is fighting this battle in the PICU at the hospital. He is on a ventilator as he isn't breathing on his own. He's had a few tests but we have no answers yet. He will have a MRI and a spinal tap in the next few days. He is unresponsive but we are hopeful that soon he will react and open up his beautiful eyes. The small reaction we are getting is when they check his pupils for response. They are constricting but then do a "pulsating" motion which isn't normal. He had a feeding tube placed today but after an xray it was determined that he wasn't placed right so they are waiting until tomorrow to re-xray it to see if it has moved. And then the hope is that he will start to get some breast milk tomorrow.

The doctors have warned us to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Numerous doctors have come in but no one has any real news for us. They have been very helpful with answering questions we may have. Kevin and Kelci are doing the best they can, given the situation as is the rest of the family that has been here. Max is a very, very, very loved baby.

Also, this morning Max was baptized by the hospital chaplain and Sean and I are his sponsors. I love that sweet boy!

Through it all, we are hopeful. God is an amazing God and we have faith! Max is a fighter and stronger than I'll ever be. It's heartbreaking seeing him lay there and knowing there isn't much we can do for him. But we can pray. And pray. And pray. And that is what we will continue to. do. We will let him know he isn't alone and that we all love him more than he will ever understand.

Please pray for the doctors that are in charge of his care, pray for Max to respond and to start breathing on his own and pray for all of the family, especially Kevin and Kelci.

I will update more once I know something. Please continue to pray. Spread the word! God is a mighty God and Mr. Max is a fighter! I love you, Max.
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