May 24, 2011

Max - Day 7

It's hard to believe it's been 1 week since everything happened. And as I'm typing, I realized that its even to the hour of when I found out. And well, the rest of the week seems to be a blur. The whole month of May has been a blur.

I talked with my brother this morning and Max kinda had a rough night. He's having some problems with his blood pressure and Kevin told me it got up into the 160's over something and they are now trying to help that. I forgot to ask about the pneumonia and so I'll do that when I speak with him later today. They'll be visiting with the neurologist again this evening and I'm not sure if there will be more tests, studies, etc.

Please pray for Max's blood pressure to come down and for him to become more stable. I'm also praying that there isn't any signs of pneumonia as well. And continue to pray for Kevin to have strength and courage. Love to you both!

Today has been a harder day for me personally since I can't be with them right now. I'm missing Max pretty bad right now. After spending the last 5 days with him, I'm missing our time together. And well, I'm certain he misses his favorite aunt too! I miss you sweet Max!

9:00 update
I spoke with my brother and Max is now on blood pressure meds and so his blood pressure is now within normal limits. They said the med is kind of sedating him. Other than that, he's doing the same. I'm having a hard time today no being there. I just miss him...
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