October 1, 2009


She's napping. Shes honest-to-God, sleeping for 2+ hours, napping! I didn't know that my little girl knew what napping was anymore. Glad she figured it out, again!

I've been thinking. I had BIG plans for while I was on maternity leave. Welp, guess what. A lot of nothing happened around here. I can't complain too much because I've enjoyed just being with Lyla, cleaning daily( yup, weird for me. I know), laundry daily ( another weird), and cooking new things. Even baking. I've done a lot of photography. I've traveled a time or two. A few lunches with friends and way.to.many trips to Wal-mart. But guess what I haven't done.

I haven't crafted. Not one stink'n time since I started maternity leave. I miss it. It misses me.

So while my Lyla slept, I slowly got started crafting. I made 3 headbands. Exciting I know but to me, this was SUPER exciting. I also have a cute little Steelers dress to make for her. Oh and she'll need a matching bow because you can't have an outfit without a matching bow (at least in my house). The I have a Halloween onesie I want to make plus a matching tu-tu plus the matching bow. We are hopefully headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend and so she needs a cute outfit. I'd also like to make Lyla a Victoria onesie for tomorrow and for homecoming along with...yup... a matching bow. Told ya. I love bows. And yes, she does too! ;)

Oh, I love having a girl!
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