October 15, 2009

And yet, another day.

So today was a little better. A little. Instead of a lake, I probably cried enough tears for a small river. I'm hoping tomorrow I'm down to a small creek! :) I know it may sound dumb that I'm crying over this (and will probably continue to cry until she's 18) but this is super hard for me. Super hard.

Anyways, the morning started out with me crying whenever she fell asleep in my arms. You have NO idea how hard it was to put her in her car seat and get going on our way. I managed to suck it up when we got there and I didn't even cry while I was there. So see, I made progress. But the minute I left her there, it was balls to wall bawling. But this time it didn't last too long until I talked to my mom on the phone. Then when I got off I called Sean to let him know I was doing semi-ok when I lost it again. Then I just had minimal crying when I got to work. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

I did get off work a little early and so it was nice to pick her up. She was sleeping but that didn't last long whenever we got home. I took her out of her car seat and went to place her in the crib but she woke up instantly. I'm not sure why she will not stay asleep ever.time.I.lay.her.down. Every time. It's driving me nuts. I guess Deb got her out of the car seat whenever we got there (she was already asleep) and put her in the pack n' play and she slept for 4 hours. Yup 4 hours. Baby girl sure didn't sleep 4 hours last night. I'd be lucky if I thought we got 2 full hours. Oh boy. Somehow I'm managing to do well with no sleep. She's totally worth it and I'm not missing my sleep whenever I'm with her!

Sean's giving her a bottle now to see if maybe that'll help with her sleeping habits. She's addicted to my dang boob and every time she latches on, it is only a matter of minutes before she starts dozing. And so we are going to try the bottle and see if it helps. If anything it's nice bonding time for Sean and her.

Well no pics today. Haven't had time. I made an awesome dinner - Stuffed peppers with potatoes and rolls. Yum, it was good. Tomorrow is homemade pizza! Meaty pizza for Sean and Taco pizza for me! :)

Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

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  1. Giving her a bottle is not going to help her sleeping habits. After being away from her Mama, the thing she needs more is you.

    Good luck.


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