October 25, 2009

Weekend wrap up!

We are better!!! (Keep your fingers crossed for us though! I'm hoping it doesn't come back!) Lyla is still a little stuffy and I'm thinking I might possibly have a sinus infection. But I can handle that! Remember, I'm a tough gal! :)

We had a pretty good weekend overall. Lyla and I headed to GB and hung out with my fam. Mom and I went to a kids store in GB and I got her new brown Mary Jane socks! I *heart* these socks. I've been waiting for her feet to grow a little so I could put these socks on her. Next I want to get her the tights. If your not sure what they look like, go here. If you know a cute little baby then they probably need these! Lyla told me she wants these and these! Adorable!

Today we went to church then lounged at home and watched the Steelers win!!!
We also had a little more Jumperoo fun!

Then Sean and I cooked a Mexican dinner. I tried a taco soup recipe and Sean made quesadilla's. I think Lyla is excited for our Mexican nights!
In Lyla news, we have started nursing without the nipple shield! This is great progress and it is so much easier to nurse now! Except I feel like I started nursing all over again. Oww!

What else? Oh yeah, my soon to be sister in law asked me to be part of their wedding. Guess what it is...


I'm not a public speaker in any way shape or form. I'm not a shy personal generally, but speaking in front of people freaks me out. When she asked me, I started getting the sweaty palms and my heart started racing. Then she went on to tell me they've had 400 RSVPS. OMG! I have to read in front of 400 people. I may need a Valium to get me through this. Or a shot of Vodka. Make that 4 shots of Vodka. Except neither of those will work since I'm nursing. Not really up to drugging my baby girl! :) But drugging myself to get me through this might be necessary. Honestly. I'm going to be a stammering, blubbery fool up there. In front of those 400 people. 400.

Ok, now that my heart is racing again now that I started thinking about this, I'm gonna go. Have a great week!

Update: This was to cute not to add. This is how she fell asleep tonight!! Omigosh I love her!!
Ok, now that I added these, she woke up. I swear this girl hates sleep!!! :)

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  1. LOL. Your girl is an angel. A daddy's girl maybe??? :) You're right I need a deep cleaning day but you'd be SO PROUD of the pile I have to take to goodwill. I'm getting better. So tired of "storing" stuff. I'd rather shop for something new that I'll use... Yeah, nesting is out. More like 2 + mos. to go. So all we have to do to make you nervous is bring up the number 400??? That could be fun! ;)


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