October 30, 2009


So Lyla's first Halloween week SO did not go like I planned! I forgot bows half the time, and the other half she spit up or blew out every outfit. Yesterday was no better. Except this time Lyla was actually sick. I got a phone call from daycare a little after 12 that Lyla had diarrhea 3 times that day and wasn't keeping any milk down. A call to the Peds ended with just us monitoring her to make sure she still has wet diapers which she has. So we came home and she slept 5 hours! She's never taken a 5 hour nap during the day before. So she really must not have felt well. We haven't had any more diarrhea since last night so hopefully we are on the mend. Daycare rules are 24hours free of fever or diarrhea so Lyla and I are home hanging out. She's napping now so we'll see what she's like when she wakes up. We have big plans this weekend so I sure hope she gets to feeling better!!!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!
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