October 11, 2009

It's been a while!!!

The past few days have flown! Busy busy, but I've loved it! Shopping was great like always. Miss Thang got her high chair and a bunch of cute clothes. I *love* the Carter's outlet in Newton and every time we are in the Wichita area, I have to stop! While we were in Wichita, Miss Lyla got to see some of her favorite people...

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelci!
We also did a lot of shopping with Granna!
Then the following day we got all bundled up and went to Victoria's Homecoming! Go Knights!
Then the next morning we hung out in our new toy! Our living room is overflowing with baby items now!! I found a Jumperoo on Nex-tech and got it! I was not wanting to pay the full 80 buck for it since it'll only last a few months! So I got a good deal! She's still a little to small for it but she has good enough head control that she can hang out in there for a little bit! Her legs won't be touching the floor for quite some time, though!

Then Lyla and I headed to a wedding and got to see 2 of our favorite people we hardly get to see! Aunt KK and Auntie Sonya!

Lyla and I all dressed up! Her faux Uggs were a hit!
We also got to hang out with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelci again! Don't they look so cute! T-minus less than a month until their wedding!
My brother and I!! Think we look alike? And by the way, he is younger than me. I just got the short genes!We also got to see Grandma!

And Lyla got a lot of snuggle time with Auntie Sonya!

Today was a nice and relaxed day! We headed to church then off to Arby's for lunch. Have you tried their new Gyro? I'm in love with it. You should so try it! Then after church we all lounged around and Lyla and I napped. And now we are both off to bed here shortly.

At least I *hope* we are off to bed soon! Goodnight!
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